Days 9, 10, and 11...Marrakesh 

La Maison Arabe

A grand grand hotel experience. After only three days it felt like home.

Agadir to Essaouira

Day 8... After spending an uneventful full day in the Atlantic City like beach resort town of Agadir we made our way north along the coast to Essaouira (pronounced ess-o-ware-a) and then on to Marrakesh. The road took us past surfing and fishing oriented villages then into the coastal hills where the Argan tree is endemic. We stopped at an Argan oil production cooperatives to see the oil being made from the nut of the tree then on to Essaouira for lunch and to walk around it's ancient seaside Medina. 

The Kasbah Trail

Day 6 and 7... After leaving the dunes of the Sahara we spend two days crossing the desert on our way to the Atlantic coast city of Agadir. We saw the famous Kasbahs of Morocco, toured Moroccan Hollywood and visited another UNESCO site, AΓ―t Benhaddou, which has been the location for numerous movies and TV such as Gladiator, Babel, and Prince of Persia.


Day 4 and 5...Fez is like nowhere else on earth. It's a city composed of a medina and a Ville Nouvelle. The medina is the heart of the city which is composed of thousands of alley's and passages that are accessible only by foot, bicycle, and donkey. The medina is another UNESCO world heritage site.

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Meknes and Volubilis

Day 3 Exploring the Moroccan Imperial city of Meknes and the Roman ruins at Volubilis. Both are UNESCO wold heritage sites.

Maui Wowie

A Couple Sunset Snaps from the Napili shorline on Maui. The waters around this rocky point were filled with the bobbing, wobbling carapaces of about a dozen sea turtles. In the morning we could look out from our deck and count the floaters. I loved having an aquarium out the front door.


Turtle Bay Sunset

Turtle Bay, Napili Maui, HI

Santa Cruz Island

The Channel Islands can be a magical place. Most of the chain is less than 20 miles southwest of the Central and Southern California coastline but it feels like a world apart. A big group of friends decided to head out for for some camping at Santa Cruz Island this past weekend and we scored. The weather was as good as it gets, 78 and sunny. We trail ran, free dived, kayaked, hiked, and just enjoyed the solitute, scenery, and the company. Below is a small set from the trip featuring the lookout over the harbor towards Anacapa Island, the notoriously curious and mischievous Island Fox, and the old ranch windmill. I'll be posting more images and a short video of the adventure in the coming weeks...come back for more!

Santa Cruz Island